Stammtisch discusses mobile web improvements

I attended the Symbian Stammtisch for the first time last Wednesday.

The name of the event comes from the German word stammtisch that refers to a regular get together of people who have a common interest.

Chris Dudding at Symbian Stammtisch

Symbian duck and me
Image by Sebastian Brännström

The topic for discussion was Google’s Chrome OS and how we can bridge the gap between mobile web and native applications. Sebastian Brännström prepared a great set of questions to prompt discussion and generate ideas. We discussed the differences between native and web applications, what is holding back the adoption of web apps, the impact of flat rate data plans and many other topics.

The meeting was well attended. It was a great opportunity to meet some new people as well as familiar faces like Victor Palau. I will definitely go again. The next one is December 9th, and the topic will be “Turning the media tide”.

Open Source Show and Tell

There was another event related to Symbian last week also; Open Source Show and Tell. Julien Fourgeaud presented a talk on managing the Symbian community. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend but I found a write-up on Michael Mahemoff’s blog.


One Response to “Stammtisch discusses mobile web improvements”

  1. Lars Kurth Says:

    Chris, sounds like you had a good time. Have a nice holiday (-:

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