Persistentdata for beginners: Trace Framework

The software contained in the Trace Framework component is being refactored into a comprehensive trace framework suitable for instrumenting all Symbian based software; the Open System Trace framework.

The Open System Trace API specification is published on the Symbian developer site, and the header file (opensystemtrace.h) can be seen in the OSS Source Browser under /sf/os/kernelhwsrv/kernel/eka/include/

Nokia is building the OST framework on top of the BTrace kernel service from the Kernel & Hardware Services package. A full end-to-end solution will be provided – including an API to instrument source code with trace points, software to configure trace filters, software to capture and output trace information and off-device analysis tools.

The platform API provided by Tracefw now (e32utrace.h) is not part of the Open System Trace solution. It will be deprecated after the OST solution is fully available.

Further resources

  • Mark Welsh’s architecture presentation to the Tools Special Interest Group describes Nokia’s proposed Open System Trace contribution (see slides 9 & 10)

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