Persistentdata for beginners: UTrace

UTrace is a deprecated platform API for system-wide logging of trace messages. It is only included in the Symbian^2 release. We removed it from the platform in Symbian^3.

The deprecated UTrace API is defined in utrace.h. It was replaced by e32utrace.h, published by tracefw, which will be soon replaced by the Open System Trace framework.

I recommend that developers who need to instrument their code look at File Logger, CDU or BTrace until the Open System Trace framework is available.

Further resources

Update February 4, 2010:
One of my colleagues from the Nokia Dynamic Analysis Tools team recommends that the BTrace API is used for instrumenting code until Open System Trace is available as it will fit in best with OSTv2. The team is working hard to finish the OST contribution, so hopefully we won’t need to wait long.


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