NTT DOCOMO contributes to persistentdata

I accepted the first external contribution to the package today.

Bug 1915 SQL server panics when using long column type strings

The contribution was a defect fix for Bug 1915. This defect would cause a USER 11 panic in the Symbian SQL server if the RSqlStatement::DeclaredColumnType() API was used to retrieve a column type definition longer than 19 characters.

The defect was found and fixed by NTT DOCOMO as part of their development work on Symbian^2. Their contribution included the code changes to fix the defect and new regression test cases.

I’d like to thank NTT DOCOMO for their contribution, Lars Kurth and Antti Enqvist from the Symbian Foundation for their support with the process, and my package team colleagues Alex and Pete for their technical review.

I hope this will be the first of many contributions from the community this year.


One Response to “NTT DOCOMO contributes to persistentdata”

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    […] I have been looking at tracking the large amount of defect fixes DoCoMo has contributed to S^2 (30+). Chris Dudding , the Package Owner for Persistent Data Services has been blogging about it. […]

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