Persistentdata news summary: April 2010

The work needed to allow the Symbian platform to compile with a free toolchain (Software Freedom Fighters) continues. The bugs in persistentdata relate to our usage of the offsetof macro. Lars Kurth has submitted a proposal how to resolve the issues with the macro to the Architecture council. We wait for their response.

We reviewed the report from the Unslow static analysis tool. We found that all issues except one were false positives. See bug 2227 for our analysis. A new bug has been created to track the changes we’d like to make to central repository (bug 2467).

Pete created a Getting Started page on the wiki to describe how to build the persistentdata components and run their unit tests. Let us know if you get stuck.

I participated in the Contacts package test day to find out about the Symbian Bugsquad. We’ve decided to organize our own test and bug fixing day in the next couple of months. Please join the discussion about it in the persistentdata-dev mailing list.

Nokia announced its first Symbian^3 device: Nokia N8.

I discussed how we can improve the information available about the platform and met some familiar faces at the last couple of London Stammtisch events.

I met with Victor Palau and Sebastian Brännström from Symbian to discuss their ideas about assessing the health of a package from a community point of view. The package scorecard concept proposed looks promising to me. More information can be found in Victor’s forum post.

We doubled the default size of the central repository cache to 200kB to avoid CommsDat from being continuously evicted and reloaded. Combined with changes from selected central repository clients, Browser performance on Symbian^3 has improved.


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