NTT DOCOMO contributes again

I integrated a second contribution from NTT DOCOMO last week to fix a bug in one of the Symbian SQL test harnesses.

The bug (bug 3170) concerned the handling of end-of-line characters in an input file for the t_sqlperformance4 test. The input file contained a sequence of SQL statements executed during a Music Player application use case. These statements are parsed and executed by the test harness to measure performance.

The bug was only reproducible when the source code was obtained from Mercurial because the input file would have UNIX line-endings (line feed) rather than the traditional Windows line-endings (carriage-return followed by line feed). We didn’t spot the problem ourselves because the clients for our internal source code management systems automatically convert to Windows line-endings.

The problem is that the test assumed that the line endings for the text file would follow Windows conventions leading to the SQL statements being truncated when only line feed character was used. The fix allows both formats to be handled.

This type of problem was anticipated by William Roberts in May 2009. He wrote an excellent post about the handling of line-endings in Mercurial repositories called “A dilemma at the end of the line?” on the Symbian blog. It’s worth a read.

Thanks to NTT DOCOMO, INC for identifying this bug and contributing the solution to the community!

Image Symbian_31 by Symbian Foundation used under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike licence.


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